So my daughter just totaled my wife’s car.  First let me say everybody is OK.  Now that that is out of the way let me tell you what happened so it doesn’t happen to you.  I have always driven under the motto that “Expect the other guy to do something wrong” or in other words, everyone else on the road is an idiot except me.  I am not trying to say I am smarter than anybody else; I would want the person in the car next to me to think the same way and feel, that I am the idiot.  If we all drove that way there would be a whole lot less accidents on the road.  My daughter’s accident is the perfect example for both her and the guy who hit her. I want you to understand that I am not going to place blame on anybody for this mangled mess. I am not even going to give you all the fact to CSI it. You will have to imagine who is at fault. I just want you to see how this could have been avoided if my daughter thought the other guy was an idiot and if the other guy thought that way about my daughter.

While making a left turn from one major road to another at an intersection with a traffic light my daughter was hit by a car going in the opposite direction. How would the idiot mentality work in this situation?  First, my daughter should always assume that anybody coming at you will not stop.  Weather the traffic light was yellow or red it makes no difference. In your head the person coming at you IS NOT GOING TO STOP UNTIL THEY STOP, after all his an idiot.  Once they have come to a full stop, then you can go. As for the other guy, why would he not assume that she would not try to start turning.  Come on, she’s an Idiot (sorry sweetie but you get the point).  Slow down, don’t speed up! Assume the worst, which is that the other person is an IDIOT and the roads would be so much safer.

As for me, I will head home today with the full knowledge that the person next to me is a little dumber than me and will definitely do something wrong. So be careful out there and I will be keeping my eye on all the idiots out there.  I gonna need more eyes!!!!