I want everyone who takes a road test to pass on the first try and I believe there are a number of reasons why, especially teens, fail their road test on the first try and some times over and over.  There are far too many reasons to list but if I break it down but I would rather give you my observation of the most common reasons.  These reasons only apply if the student has been on the road driving under supervision for at least 30 hours or more. (NY State wants young drivers under 18 to have at least 50 hours of driving time before they go for their license; I think it should be more.) I say this because the driver should know what they are supposed to be doing before they take the test and still fail.

First and foremost are nerves.  Even the best of drivers out there can get performance anxiety if being scrutinized.  So practice makes perfect. Think of any performer on stage. They will rehearse over and over to make sure they get the performance right on stage before they do it at a concert. This should be considered the same thing.  Practice, practice, and practice, it really works.

The second problem is un-learning what a lot of the students have been taught if they were not taught by a professional.  What I mean is that over many, many years of driving parents and friends pick up a lot of bad habits.  Not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign, or using hand over hand to steer.  These are typical habits that you don’t want to do on a road test.  There are many more bad habits that can be passed down to the student that can cause them to fail a road test. This is why everyone should go out with a professional at least once so they can evaluate them on what bad habits they may have learned and show them how to un learn them.

My last observation is based on typical, common mistakes that are made at the road test. Not checking your blind spot every time you pull out into the road or change lanes;  Not looking in the direction you are going. When you back up a car you should be looking out the rear window. NOT THE MIRRORS; not waiting at least 3seconds at a stop sign.  That one will get you a ticket at a red light camera.

There are many more reasons but these are my top 3. All mistakes can be prevented and help you pass your road test the first time. I would again suggest at least one lesson with a professional to find out your mistakes and correct them.  May you all drive safe and may you all drive smart.  Now take a lesson!