Driving Tips (#1)

Did you know that Long Island has one of the highest fatality rates for drivers in all of NY State for single vehicle crashes and accidents that take place in an intersection? Did you know that fatalities have dropped in the USA every year for the last 5 years and they are at their lowest levels ever based on per 100,000 populations? Then why do Long Island fatalities appear to be so high compared to the rest of the state.

First, fatalities have dropped because cars have become safer. Notice I did not say that the accident rate has dropped, just fatalities.  Then why is Long Island still higher than the rest of the state of NY.  Is it due to speed?  Well yes and no, Nassau has one of the highest rates of speed related fatalities while Suffolk has one of the lowest numbers.

Is it Alcohol or drugs? This again is a yes and no answer. This time Nassau has one of the lower number DUI fatalities numbers and Suffolk is right in the middle.

So what is the issue here?  I believe it may be in part to poor education behind the wheel.  We need to teach our young drivers the right way to drive and survive.  The auto industry has helped by making cars safer now we need to learn how to drive correctly. Especially when entering an intersection to make a left turn.


First: Do not enter the intersection if you are making a left turn, even if the light is green if there are already cars waiting to turn in the intersection.  You can get stuck in there when the light changes and if a car coming from your right or left is not paying attention and decides to go as soon as his light turns green you may be broadsided.

Second: Once you have entered the intersection to make your left turn and you have to wait for oncoming traffic before you can turn, DO NOT turn you wheels, keep them straight until you are actually able to go. The reason for this is if you get hit in the back while waiting and your wheels are turned to the left you will be pushed into oncoming traffic (not good).

Third: When driving though any intersection, even if you’re not turning and you have a green light, you should cover your break (place your foot on the break without steeping on it). If you see someone coming from your left or right you will have a chance to stop the car just a little bit faster and that can make all the difference.

Here at Defensive Driving School we always want you to pass your road test on the first try, BUT we really want you to learn to drive safely. Remember, learn to drive AND stay alive. We offer the 5 Hour pre-licensing course and private driving lessons for the new driver and if you already have a license and a car you should take our Defensive Driving Couse and learn these techniques and save 10% off your comp and collision on your own insurance for three years in the process.  So give us a call today at 631-234-5032 and let us show you how to drive safely.

Thanks to USA.Gov for our statistics.