So I am pondering about some of the things that I missed out on in my childhood and one of those items that flashed in my mind was the fact that I was never really taught how to properly take care of my car.  I know it’s easy these days (if you have money) to bring your car to the shop every 3 thousand miles and hope that you have an honest garage and they let you know when more maintenance needs to be done.

I am not looking for major items but how to check out my car and either fix a minor issue or do some minor maintenance.  Things like checking your tires and making sure they have the right pressure in them. Where do I find that number? How do I check it? Where and how do I fill my tires?  Other items like changing a flat. (Speaking of flats, why do some new car dealers feel its ok to not have a spare in the car anymore. Now they just put in a flat fixing kit.  I know I have been in situations where the tire has blown and there is nothing to fill or I am really far from home and I need help. I think its wrong, but I digress.)  How many new drivers know how to check their oil or where the windshield washer fluid goes? How about an oil change or even how to jumpstart a car?  Not many I bet. Why should somebody have to wait till they break down before you can get the knowledge?

I believe we can help take the mystique out of car maintenance and minor repairs. Defensive Driving School will be offering a class to the Gersh Driver Education program (for a small additional charge) an option to take a class with a certified mechanic, to learn what you need to know to make your car safe and last longer and what to do in an emergency when there’s now one around to help you right away.

Remember a car that’s well maintained is a safe car. And a safe car is a happy car. Wait, what? Oh well you know what I mean.