I was driving along the Grand Central Parkway the other day when I noticed a min van driving in the middle lane a little slower than the rest of the traffic. It was around 3 in the afternoon and I was heading east so traffic wasn’t going too fast at that time anyway. As I got closer I was going to pass the van on the left when I noticed that the van was swaying a little from left to right. I got a little closer, and I could not believe it but the driver, who looked to be in his late 20s’ had his head down to the left and he was texting. I mean hard core texting. I tried beeping him and he didn’t even acknowledge me. He almost hit the car in front of him at least 2 times in the 3 minutes I was beside him. Texting stupid! Is there a smart way to text and drive? YES, PULL OVER!!!!

Ok, I get it; we all want to see who is calling us. G_d forbid we take 5 extra minutes to read or respond to the text. If it’s really important I would hope I get a call. At least I could put that on speaker and be hands free. But NOOOOO!!! Get a text, read it now. Stupid! I have written a number of times on this topic but now I know it’s not from ignorance of not knowing it’s dangerous but just being STUPID.

Even though almost everyone you ask says they know how dangerous it is to text and drive the majority of people do it anyway. How did the world keep revolving before cell phones? I mean, you had to wait to you got to your destination to find out what was happing in the world that wasn’t on the radio. You know, when we all communicated with cave drawings.

According to an AT&T sponsored survey of frequent drivers who text daily, regardless of where they are, 98 percent said they were aware of the danger but three quarters of them admitted to texting while driving anyway. (source: Newsday 11/6/14) Three quarters???? THREE QUARTERS!!!!! What the #%$@% is that say about the intelligence of today’s drivers. What I love about the survey is the reasons people feel why it’s ok for them to text. Can you believe that 43% said it was because “they wanted to stay connected to friends, family and work”. Connected??? If they smash into the car in front of them or run somebody over they will only be connected from a hospital bed or behind bars or worse. No cell phones in jail. Almost a third said they do it out of habit. STOP IT! My favorites are that almost a quarter believe that their driving is not affected by texting and just as many believe the people that are texting expect them to respond right away. Think about how that person would feel if it was their text that caused you to have an accident. How would you feel if you texted someone and you knew they were driving and they got into an accident? You wouldn’t mind waiting would you?

Come on, stop texting stupid. Learn to Text Smart: Pull over if you have to read or respond to a text. Finish your conversation on the side of the road. Set your phone to auto respond that you’re driving. Wait for a red light, stop the car all the way and use voice command so your response is quicker.

I used to have faith that you could teach someone how to avoid a dangerous situation. I guess the old adage of getting hit over the head a number of times is the only way to learn is true. How many people have to get hurt or die before someone makes a car that inhibits a text if moving faster than a certain speed?