I was reading this Newsday article about texting a driving and I am not sure if this is a start of a good thing or not?  The article (Dec 17, 2013) says that a poll was taken and 40% of drivers from the ages of 19 to 39 text and drive. (That is not good news) Oh, and the great news is only 1% of those 75 or older text and drive. (Although I would not want to be driving next to them or anyone texting a driving for that matter) 10% of the 40% say them text on a regular basis.  50% in a survey that was done by AAA foundation for Traffic Safety say they talk on the cell phone while driving. So what is the possible good news you may ask?  It appears that 16 to 18 year olds are less likely to talk or text while driving than any other group younger than 60 years old. Is this because in the last few years the push has been on to show how dangerous texting and driving really is or is it because the drivers in this age group are new drivers and still a little skittish to get behind the wheel.  Hopefully it’s due to education and they are the smartest group yet to learn to drive.

According to the NHTSA the 2012 report on deaths linked to distracted driving dropped slightly from 2011 but that 10% of all crashes in 2012 still linked to distracted driving. That’s about 38,000 accidents that could easily been prevented in the USA.  It is estimated that over 600,000 Americans use electronic devices while driving at any moment during daylight hours and that most people recognize the risk posed by distracted driving.  The irony is that many drivers live in that “not me” syndrome. You know the one that says I can do it but the guy next to me certainly can’t and they wish they wouldn’t do it.  Well I’m the guy next to you and no matter what we all say, NOBODY can do it safely, that’s why it’s called an accident.

They have a name for this and it’s called “inattention Blindness”. That were a driver might see something that should trigger caution but the realization doesn’t register in time for the driver to react by breaking of swerving to safety.

Look there are a number of reasons not to text and drive. Increased fines, points on your license, and accident or maybe even killing someone or yourself. Find one of these reasons and think about it next time you feel you have to take the call now or read or write that text now. Will it change anything if you wait till you can pull over and get out of harm’s way?  The reality is you may just save a life if you can just wait a few minutes and pull over. Besides the person next to you watching you text and drive, you don’t want to know what their thinking. Safe driving everyone.