When you go on vacation or even a day trip you always make a plan.  Have I packed everything I need for the trip?  Do I have my toothbrush, comb, medicine, contact numbers, kids????

So now you’re ready? No wait I still need my clothes, bathing suite, towels maybe, tickets for the show or passport for the flight.  OK, all set!  Wait my cell phone, wallet, and money!!!

OK all set.  Oops keys for the car.  Now we can go. I got everything.

No, not yet. Did I turn off all the lights, TV’s, lock the doors, let the cat out, and throw out the garbage!!!

Yes, finally all done and ready to drive.  You have now done everything you need for a vacation.

Unless you are driving!    Now I want you to add another check list. This will save you a lot of time and problems if you run into a problem on your trip.

You should check your tires.  Are they properly inflated?  The PSI for your tires are usually on the driver’s car door.  Under or over inflated will cause poor gas mileage and may even contribute to a blow out or loss of control of the car. In bad weather you can lose traction.

Headlights and blinkers- check

Do you need oil, how are your brakes.

Windshield wipers- are they older than 6 months and do they properly clear the rain?

Is the spare tire inflated correctly and do I have the jack?

Who do I call for roadside assistance?

Do I have an emergency roadside kit with flares or at least reflectors?

Directions- don’t just depend on you GPS, They can and will get you lost if you still don’t know where you are going!

And last but not least, my suggestion. Where are the bathroom stops along the way, Just saying. You never know.

As the bad weather starts to set in you don’t want to be caught with your guard down. Make sure you’re all set to go on your drive. Enjoy and drive worry free knowing you will be all set if anything happens


Happy trails.