This is something that has been on my mind and I would love to share my feelings on being taken advantage off.  I can’t stand it when someone does something wrong and they try to cover it up.  It is one thing when someone charges you more than they should or does not give you the correct information or the right change on purpose. That alone is enough to get me pissed off. But the thing really gets me going is when someone does a paid service for you and they either do a lousy job and then you can’t get them back to fix the problem, like a roofer or a painter or there is the one that breaks something in or around your house and doesn’t say anything.

The other day I noticed that my sprinkler system sprung a leak.  I have had that happen before and did not think anything of it. I tried fixing this by myself before but they don’t hold for me all the time so I called a company to fix it.  When they came they pulled the pipe out of the ground and you would not believe what was on the broken connection.  A plastic bag was tied around the connections as if the stop it from being noticed.  I had recently had a landscaping company pull up bushes I had there and I am sure the roots pulled up the pipe.  I can only come to one conclusion and that is the landscaping guys caused the pipe to separate.  Look, I understand this could happen. If they had told me I might have been able to fix it myself but instead they tried to hide it. Now, after a month of leaking water and loss of the plants that did not get watered I had to spend $45 to get it fixed. So this one inconsiderate landscaping guy cost me at least $50 on my water bill, $45 for the sprinkler guy and another $40 to replace the plants.   $135 later I was more the pissed off.

If you break it let me know, if you don’t do a good job, come back and fix it.  It took a roofer 3 years to get him to fix a leak in a new roof they put in. 3 years of water coming in my house.

There should be a way to shout their names from the rooftops, “Don’t Use Them. They are inconsiderate and incompetent”.


Just mothing off, you should too.