If you have been reading the newspapers or watching the news on TV you should be aware of new calls for speed cameras to be placed around Nassau and Suffolk counties schools.  Although I am all for anything that would make it safer for our kids anytime anywhere I wonder the motive behind this push and how it will work.  We all know, and everyone involved is talking about the increased revenues that will come from this program. Suffolk County expects to pull in an estimated $6.8 million a year while Nassau County is talking about $25 to 30 million. Boy that’s a big difference.  Suffolk County has 69 school districts and Nassau has only 56. Is Nassau County going charge a lot more a ticket or do they have a lot of speeders compared to everywhere else.  The ticket will cost $50 but does that include the surcharge that everyone is adding on now?  I doubt it, which means this will most likely be an $80 offence.


How will the ticket process work?  The cameras could be mounted by each school (by the way they only approved one camera for each school right now.  I know the schools in my area have at least 3 roads by them) or they may be in the back of a van so they can move them around to different locations or schools.  How fast will you have to be going to get ticket? All schools have a 20 MPH zone. Have you ever driven 20 MPH? You feel like you can walk faster than that. It looks like the cameras will allow you to go 10 MPH above the school zone speed limit.  That would be 30MPH which is approximately the normal speed limit anyway. Why not just make the speed limit 30 MPH and set if for that speed.  I know you have to give a little leeway when it comes to it but 10MPH???  That seems like if defeats the purpose of trying to make it safer around the schools.  Now for the biggest grip I have. I usually see the sign when you enter a school zone but how many schools have the sign when the school zones end.  I don’t want the police or anybody else making this up on the fly. There has to be sign when it starts and ends. If this is not done correctly then there will be a cry out in the land so loud… Ok I am getting carried away but you get the point.  Good idea for some good reasons and some not so good but I hope it is will be well thought out before it gets implemented


By the way, did you know if you fight a ticket, weather it is a red light or speed camera and lose you will pay a lot more for that ticked in the long run.  Let me explain. When you get a ticket in the mail due to a camera catching you the ticket is sent to the owner of the car regardless of who was driving. With this system the ticket is not reported to the insurance company and does not go against you and your rates will not increase. If you fight a ticket you can only defend yourself by admitting you where the driving of the car. You cannot fight a ticket for someone else. Now if you lose the court can and will report you as the driver to the insurance company and this will go on your record.  I don’t know about you but my insurance company will most likely raise my rates. So this ticket which was $50 plus $30 processing fee will now continue to take money from me by my rates going up for the next 5 years.  Wonderful!!! Love the system!!!