After 2 Long Island residents sued the Obama administration, the federal government, starting in 2018, will require most new cars and light trucks to have rear-facing cameras to help prevent running over someone while backing up.  Dr. Greg Gulbransen of Oyster Bay, who backed over his 2 year old son Cameron in 2002, fatally injuring him and Susan Auriemma of Manhasset who had also backed over her 3 year of daughter in 2005 (she was not seriously injured), joined together to help change the law. Thanks to them we expect to see a dramatic drop in deaths and serious injuries due to accidently running over someone when backing up.  There is an average of 210 deaths and 15,000 injuries a year from this type of accident. More than half the victim is children younger than 5 and adults older than 70; as per federal statistics.  (Newsday 4/1 2014)         Even though this was signed into law in 2008 by President Bush the DOT (department of Transportation) delayed drafting the safety rules for the last 6 years. They were supposed to have this done in at least 3 years.


My take on this is, first, it is long overdue.   It is fairly inexpensive today to add to a car and is now available on most cars anyway as an added feature.  But now it will be standard. Why did the DOT wait on this, who’s responsible and it really bothers me, but how many of the possible 1260 lives or 96,000 injuries over the last 6 years could have been avoided?  When does someone wake up and realize that once something has been signed off as law there is a reason it was done and should be taken care of immediately. Not 6 years later.


Shame on the DOT for not taking this seriously, shame on the government for signing it into law and then having to have the victim’s family fight again just to have it carried out. I hope those that were adversely affected by this delay will have their stories told and realized that your accident possibly could have been avoided