So I drove into a gas station right off the LIE and I figured I would be paying more than normal but I was surprised to see that it was only$3.83 a gallon for cash.  I always use my debit card and I figured how much more could it be for me to use the card?   Usually it’s another 8 maybe 10 cents a gallon more. Really, how much more could it be. How about 92 cents more a gallon!!!!  92 cents MORE A GALLON????  If I were to  put in a full 20 gallons of gas in my van that would be over $18 more for gas. That’s insane! What a come on.  At least they put the price somewhere on the sign. I drove down to Florida a few weeks back and we stopped at some stations that only told you it was more than the price shown for credit when you lift the handle,  SURPRISE!

Well at least Suffolk County sees a problem. They want to help us avoid excessive credit card price s at the pump.  Unfortunately legis. Jay Schneiderman (I-Montauk), the bill’s sponsor, said the proposal is “an up-hill fight” for passage. The entire Republican party and a couple of democrats oppose the measure. The proposal would require gas stations that charge more than 5% at the pump for credit card purchases to get consent of consumers before they fuel. (Newsday) This would require new software so it can be automated at the pump.


I understand there are signs at the pump that are supposed to clearly show the cash and credit amount but there is still some room for confusion. The most confusing thing I find is the use of the debit card.  Some stations will accept a debit card (not used for credit but using your pin number) as the same as cash and some count it as credit. Why can’t these gasoline companies list that option on their pump?  I would certainly use a station that offered a cash price if my debit card would be accepted as cash.

I guess the buyer beware sentiment is what needs to be used when pumping gas, but 92 cents more a gallon! Come on.  And don’t get me started on Flex fuel, but that’s another blog.