Please understand that I will be writing this blog without any substantial proof to back up any of my claims except for my own experience and what all parents (and I mean all) tell me how their kids act once they get their license.

The superman syndrome is, in my opinion what teenagers believe. They believe “nothing will happen to me and I know everything”.  Did you not know that teenagers think they are indestructible?  Did you know that once they pass a road test they know all there is to know about driving?  Can you believe that we, the parents have the nerve to tell them what they might be doing wrong once they pass the road test?  I mean after all, the road test inspector that passed them on the grueling 5 minutes they drove with them on the small local street is a full indication that they are all encompassed drivers.

Ready to drive at speeds faster than a speeding bullet; dodge oncoming traffic with a single turn; be able to drive at breakneck speed in rain and snow.   Look!  Behind the wheel, it’s a Man; it’s a Woman, no its teenager; Making us crazy with their music, driving, and the teenage way.

Ok, let me explain.  I want my children, ages 23, 21 and 18 to drive safely and follow the rules of the road. I want them to scan the area in front of them so they are aware of what’s coming up. There is no texting of any kind.  No drinking within 2 hours of driving.  Always expect that the other person will make a mistake so drive defensively.  Don’t speed. Don’t play the radio so loud that you can’t hear. There are just so many words of advice I can give. So what happens…?

The 23 year old has two speeding tickets for going faster than 20 miles over the limit. Not one but two.  Hmmm, I ask why and the response was, “well there was nobody on the road or everyone was doing the same speed”.

I had to drive my 21 year old car the other day and I got in and turned on the ignition and I thought my ear drums would burst from the volume on the radio.  How can she drive like that? One sense is now completely out of focus.

My 18 year old (he’s the boy) knows it all. When he is driving and I am in the car and he takes a turn too sharp I start to say something and his reaction is. I know dad! But when I bring it up the next time he does it he says it again and if I try to speak he gets mad and all defensive and he doesn’t want me to be with him in the car. He knows it all and it’s OK. After all what can you tell superman.

Look, I am not a saint.  I was just like them as a kid. I did the drag racing and the speeding bit but why play Russian roulette.  If anyone knows how to get teenagers to realize that every time they get behind the wheel they are driving a possible 3 ton monster, one that does not care if you are a teenager or superman. It will eat a couple a day them a day.  They should write a book, better yet put in on my blog.

So let’s convince our teenagers that they are not superman or superwoman.  At least if they want to be a superhero, tell them they should be Batman or Batgirl. At least they’re not immortal.  All kidding aside we need to make a pack with our kids when they are first learning to drive that learning goes on forever. It doesn’t stop when you get your license. It doesn’t stop at 26 years of age or even 50.  That is how you get better and safer at something, by learning everyday on how to make it better.