I have blog before about the most common reasons people fail the road test but I want to let you know what I think you should do that might help you pass, besides driving correctly.


  1. First, relax. I know that’s easy to say but really, think about it in the big picture. A road test lasts only 5 minutes. If you’re relaxed the inspector giving you the road test may also relax. Remember they are out there for hours with a lot of people who do not know how to drive.
  2. Second, keep small talk down to a minimum with the inspector. You might feel it would break the ice or put them in a good mood but believe me they have heard it all. Just “hello, how are you doing” and “should I start” should suffice. If you are in a car and hear it over and over day after day the same comments it can be a little annoying. And we don’t want the inspectors annoyed do we?
  3. Third, be humble. You may think you know everything but you don’t, no one does.  Don’t come across as incompetent; just leave your ego at the door.
  4. Fourth and this is really important- DON’T let your parents talk to the inspectors. There is no reason for them to start a conversation with them. You must come across as if you know what you are doing. If your parents start asking questions or even worse saying things like, they’re really a good driver or make sure you buckle up: it really doesn’t go over well.
  5. Fifth, practice driving without distractions.  No radio, CD, Ipad etc. You become acclimated to driving with those distractions and when you get to take your test you won’t be playing your favorite song as you drive. So give it a try.
  6. Last but not least, if you fail it’s no big deal. A lot of people fail their first and second time.  By the fourth time I would say it’s time to go to the professionals and take a few lessons.


Sum up:

Look at it this way. Driving is a very dangerous thing we all do every day. For your sake and everyone else you want to be really good at this. Know what you’re doing, relax and concentrate. You will pass if it’s meant to be. If not there is always public transportation? Ok, not really, but if you follow above and practice, practice, practice you’ll be fine.  Good luck!