I think it’s great that there is all this technology for cars that attempt to make it safer for us to drive and stay alive. I love the idea that something as simple of a warning of traffic in your blind spot (and if you don’t know what a blind spot is you should not be driving) comes on automatically to warn you that traffic is there. That being said I hope we don’t go overboard. Too much technology will start to impede on the drivers ability to be able to control a car in the event of an emergency.  We have to be sure we don’t become so dependent on technology that we think the car will drive by itself. (Although that may be coming our way one day) This almost reminds me of a scene from a movie where the person driving turns on the cruise control and believes the car is now on auto pilot. Oops, not quite.

According to the national Highway Traffic Safety Administration, they estimate that technology could eventfully prevent as many as 592,000 left-turn and intersection crashes a year, saving 1083 lives.  This new technology uses a radio signal to continually transmit a vehicle’s position, heading speed and other information. Cars with the same equipment would do the same so the cars would basically talk to each other to help avoid accidents. It has the ability to know when a car up to 300 yards away was breaking or another car was about to run a red light and stop your car before you get into an accident. This technology can even be integrated with local towns who wish to tie this into their roadways and traffic lights to make it even safer.  (Source: Newsday)

All this, plus what is already out there in high end cars are great ideas but I want to warn the drivers on a lot of issues:

  1. Complacency; where you feel the car will stop or always warn you of an impending crash.
  2. Lack of knowledge: What do I do if this happens and how do I get myself out of this situation because the car does it now.
  3. How do I override the car? If I am driving on the highway and the car in front of me stops and I might hit something on the road so I need to steer of to the side but now the car has stopped. Can I override this quickly?

I can see someone driving along and cars come along on both sides of your car. You hear the beeping as you were trying to change lanes so you pull the car to the other directions and now hit the car on the other side, all because you didn’t learn how to check your blind spot.

I am no not anti-technology but I know that I sometimes get dizzy when I try to look at my backup cam while moving. I love that it’s there but that’s while going in reverse slowly. Now cars have cameras for blind spots. You will be looking ahead and behind at the same time.

I want the new technology, but it has to be taught along with the proper way to drive and integrated together, the old with the new.  Sort of like me.