Driving along the crowed highway with the radio on waiting for traffic to move I sometimes start to day- dream about ways to get around the slow moving cars.  How nice it would be to fly above them but we all know that’s not happening soon. Maybe I can get off at the next exit but that’s still 8 miles down the highway and we are really moving slow.  I guess there’s no way to get around, I will just have to sit and wait it out. But wait, I hear something moving, coming up behind me. I hear the roar of an engine as if to say here I am get out of my way.  What could it be, am I in danger?

Wait; I know what it is, it’s a motorcycle. Can you guess what they are doing?  It’s not just reeving their engines.  Look out! Don’t open you door because someone has decided to create a new lane, one for their own use. I sit in amazement as this beautiful black Harley-Davidson, all deck out with chrome and 2 riders come within inches of my car. I watch as they pass me and continue on down the road between the rows of cars that are still barley moving.  Some part of me wants to get out and shout at them, “Watch it you bum!” and another part wants me to get on back with them and ride on out of there.

First of all, it’s illegal to ride between the lanes.  Not to mention how dangerous it is for both them and the riders in the cars.  Second, I think, even on a good day it’s very dangerous to drive a motorcycle. I have friends that have driven most of their lives and a simple thing like a blowout is more dangerous on a motorcycle than a car.

Motorcycle vs. car and almost all the time car will win. With no protection around  you and no air bags to cushion your impact what do you think will happen if something goes wrong.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to put down all motorcycle drivers, just the ones that use them on the road. OK, that’s a little bit of humor, but in fairness if you are going to drive a motorcycle please be really careful. Don’t take foolish chances. There is just too much to lose.  Check out this YouTube link and see what I mean.