I know in this day and age of cell phones, Facebook, Twitter, etc.. we play the old game of telephone every day.  Not familiar with that game? Let me enlighten you. Get together with about 10 friends and sit in a line from left to right. Write down a phrase on a piece of paper and whisper it into the first person’s ear. Tell them to whisper what you said into the person next to them and so on and so on until the last person in the line heard what you wrote down and have them say it out loud.  I promise, most of the time it will become some form of what you said but it will have a totally different meaning.

What does this game have to do with me you may ask? Well let me tell you, I said.  Sorry I deviate.   In the day to day running of a business, especially one like mine where you are not in control of every aspect and you have to depend upon other agencies to make your business work there will be problems that come up. I expect that, as I believe all business owners would.  In my case I have a driving school, one in which I am very proud of the work that my people do. This is from my office staff, my drivers and the people at the Gersh Academy that run the driver education program that we drive for.  Everyone works really hard and is very proficient at what they do.

After all the work we put in and all the time we take with all of our students we then send them out to take the road test. This is the time for them to prove to the world and themselves that “what I have learned, and what a good safe driver I am” and pass and get their license.  Now I don’t except everyone to pass on their first try. Some not on their second or third but eventually they will.  I know some parents will blame us if their kid fails and some will understand that people fail because they’re nervous or just need more lessons.  Sometimes you just hit a wall (not literally) and the inspector giving the road test is out for blood.

Now this is where the telephone game comes in.  We as a driving school will set up a group road test for the students at the driver Ed program. Anywhere between 30 and 60 students take the test on that day.  On this one particular day the inspector failed a large number of our students. Now normally I would have anything to comment on but the person that was doing the test was yelling at all the students and acting a little nuts. I got a whole lot of complaints that day.  As well I should, parents were upset, students were crying. Look, some will fail but this was a blood bath.

The day put a bad taste in the students and parents mouth. A few of them starting bad mouthing the school by saying the driver Ed program was no very  good or our drivers did not teach them anything. As time went on we heard that out cars were falling apart and the DMV was picking on our school to fail our students.  This is where the telephone game will not only be spouting out wrong info but completely change what really happened and who is really at fault.

I wish there was something I could say to make a failure at the road test better. I would love to blame one thing but it is never just one thing.  But I believe that today’s social media outlets cause information to get out so fast that nobody can figure out what is truth and what is the telephone game. Or maybe total crap.

I hope the people who pass on this information realize how misinformation can cause lots of problems and disinformation can destroy.

Now I am sure someone will read this and next week I will be accused of trying to take over the DMV.