Did you know that when it snows there are a few laws in NY that you may not know about.
First are your headlights: just as you are supposed to do when it rains you must turn on your headlights if you are using your wipers when it snows.  This is so on coming vehicles can see you clearly.  If the snow becomes heavy your car can get lost in the background and you become almost invisible to other drivers. Always remember that if your wipers are on then your headlights should be too.

Second is snow removal: are you aware that you are supposed to not only remove the snow from your windows but from all parts of your car that it can blow off onto another car. This includes your hood, trunk and roof. How many times have you seen a large chunk of snow or ice fly off the top of a truck or car on the highway?  This can really become a hazard if it fly’s into your windshield.  Ice can crack your windshield or you can lose control of the vehicle. Remember you don’t have to get every bit of snow off your car. Just clear off the large chunks. Enough so it won’t be a heavy mass leaping off your car.

Both of these laws can get you a ticket in New York but they are there for a reason, to help the other drivers.  You don’t want to become the other driver. Safe driving everyone.