You know they say too much of a good thing is bad for you. Too little is too. We all want to be cautious on the road. I know I do and I want my kids to be also.  You should obey the speed restrictions; look both ways when driving past busy intersections and all the other cautious precautions that should be taken. BUT PLEASE, PLEASE, at least drive the speed limit.  Even new drivers are encouraged to show that they are not overly cautious when they take the road test or they will fail. You have to show you are confident enough to drive so you can make the right decisions when you’re driving. If someone thinks that driving below the speed limit is really safer for them they should think about the person who is behind them or should I say behind that person. If you are going so slow that someone has to speed up to go around you, you may have put 2 vehicles in harm’s way. First the car trying to get around you must dart out (if it a 2 lane road) on to on-coming traffic. That always increases a chance for an accident, but what about the car behind them?  Now they see the car in front of them speed up so they speed up too and, oops there you are and wham right into your back end.  So you see Driving too slow can be almost as dangerous as driving too fast.

Why do people drive under the speed limit? There are a number of reasons and all of them are not good.  Here are my top 10 reasons as per my observations of why I feel people drive too slow or my “Are you for real” moments;

10) Where am I?  People don’t know where they are or they are looking for a house number. It’s OK I can wait as long as you want me too.

9) It’s a lovely day. These are where the name “Sunday Driver” came around. They are out to just drive around without a care in the world. OK, I wish I could do that.

8) I am older leave me alone.  This is a hard one to criticize but it is a real problem in America. Some elderly folks should not be on the road. Some of them should take special classes to learn how to drive differently as they age the same way we drive differently when we are young and indifferent.

7)Where did it go?  Really, you are looking for something you dropped while driving and you believe that slowing up will help you not cause or get into an accident.  Can’t it wait? Can’t you pull over???

6)Daydream believer: Ok I have been guilty of this one.  My mind wonders sometimes when I am thinking about something coming up. I have stopped at a blinking yellow light or even the stopped at a stop up-ahead sign. And yes, sometimes I will slow up too much, at least until I snap out of it or I get beeped.

5) My Car, can’t you hear it?  If you hear a funny noise or the car is pulling to one side. If you have a flat tire or who knows what, pull over and check it out. Why keep driving even at 10 MPH to check it out. PULL OVER!

4) What, this is not the bathroom?  I don’t mean to be demining but can you not find the time to put your makeup on before you get in the car. To see a women drive and watch the mirror with eyeliner makes me cringe. I know you want to look good but if you going so slow and you’re not watching the road. Ouy vay.

3) The Bully: Someone cut you off and you are pissed. You drive past them again and what do you do to show them you’re pissed.  That’s right, slow down to a crawl. Get them pissed off too. What can go wrong then?

2) No desert for you!  Your kids are in the back seat and a fight breaks out. What do you do? A: pull over and handle it; B: throw the kids out of the car; or C: slow down, turn around and yell at them. Yep, C seems to be it.

1) The phone booth:  Now some of you may not know what a phone booth is today. Back in the ancient past (or in old superman movies and TV shows) there was a place to make a phone call (before cell phones) in private and in a small contained space in public. That sounds a lot like a car. They have become the new phone booths.  (We should get superman a car to change in, maybe the bat mobile when it’s not being used)  Did you ever see the shoulder pushed up against the phone to the ear with the other hand holding a coffee cup? Who’s steering? Oh that’s right, I only have to drive 15 MPH and I’ll be fine.

So that’s my take on slow driving. Please be careful but really, not so slow as to make me tear my hair out.  By the way, did you know that you can get a ticket for going to slow?