Distracted Driving

Kudos to the State of NY for attempting to stop drivers from texting.  Well at least young drivers.   In theory it sounds good, so let me quote (Newsday 6/7/13 Bill targets young drivers who text) “young and inexperienced drivers would have their licenses suspended for at least 60 days if caught texting and driving or using a hand held phone while driving”. This only covers those drivers with a junior or probationary license. This is defined as someone who has held a license for 60 days or less.  The fine is a 60 suspension for the offense, followed by a 6 months suspension for a second offense is caught in less than 6 months.

Ok, again Kudos for trying, but really. This is nuts!!!  First of all it is only a slap on the wrist. If I caught one of my kid’s texting and driving they would lose their driving privileges for a year. I know I’m harsh but we are talking about their life.

Second, why do we assume that only new drivers are to blame?  I know of a hand full of young adults that have been driving for years and have had fender benders or worse when texting. OK, I must add that older folks, like myself also text (I do not Text and drive!). And you must understand that reading a text is just as dangerous as writing a text. You might as well drive with a blindfold on for 5 seconds or more when you text. It will have the same results.

This new law should not only be for young adults. This must hold the same results as a DUI if you are caught texting and driving.  Why do we keep making cars safer to drive if we keep putting stupid people behind the wheel?

Just to make it even more interesting, ABC news reporting today that using a hands free device is just as dangerous as if you were holding the phone.  They demonstrated how our brains are so distracted when we are thinking and talking about something on the phone that we just do not pay attention enough to the road.

Just STOP IT. No catchy statements, No gimmicks, just no texting while driving.  We can save a life today, it may be yours.  Answer to your questions visit or call (631) 234-5032

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