It is a great feeling when you know that something is wrong and you feel like nobody really gets it but then they do. Well it appears that New York State is starting to get it. Texting and talking while driving and who can stop it!?  New York State is taking a step toward stopping this major problem and it’s a win-win for all.  Starting last Friday, (7/26/13) the new penalty for texting while driving or talking without being hands free on a cell phone went into effect. Violators will receive five points on their license and a minimum $230 fine. In New York State, a driver who receives 11 points in 18 months loses their license*.   I am glad that this is not just targeting the new drivers, which is what the state did in the past, but instead they are realizing that all drivers are at risk not just for themselves but everyone around them.  Driving is the most dangerous thing you will do in your life on a daily basis. Do you realize that you take your eyes off the road for an average of 5 seconds when you are texting? During that time if you are traveling at 55 MPH you would have traveled the distance of a football field.  Think about that, even better try this experiment. Sit in chair with a tennis ball. Now toss the ball up in the air about a foot.  Get the rhythm as if you were driving on a road.  Once you can catch the ball and throw it back up a number of times without dropping it you should get ready to make believe you are texting.  Remember you take your eyes off the road for an average of only 5 seconds when you text, so now close your eyes for 5 seconds while you continue to catch the ball. (No cheating, you should count a real 5 seconds. Try saying Mississippi between each number). Did you drop the ball??? I bet you did. That could be you dropping the ball while driving.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I cannot stress enough how dangerous it is to text and even call and drive. They may say that hands free is safer but new reports coming out are contradicting that.  How did all the old folks like me survive before cell phones? If you wait till you reach your destination before you call as least you don’t have to search for a pay phone (if you don’t know what a pay phone is I can’t help  you) to call anymore.


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