I think the best keep secret out there when it comes to saving money and learning how to survive on the road is the Defensive Driving Class (sometimes called the insurance discount and point reduction class).  This class has three good reasons to take them. First, and I believe the most important but the least popular reason anyone takes the class, is to learn how to stay alive on the road.  There so much important information that is taught in these classes that you will be surprised at what you don’t know or have forgotten. Even some trivia that you can really stump your friends with like “When is it OK to make a left turn on a red light”?  Bet you don’t know the answer? Well come to one of our classes to find out.  You will learn about some changes in the law and how the laws are different in other countries and you will see how good we really have it in the United States.

The second reason it the biggest reason why people come to these classes and is one of the best secrets out there. YOU CAN SAVE MONEY ON YOUR INSURANCE!!! I am not talking about buying different insurance but the insurance you have now! This is mandated by the state that if you take theses classes you will save 10% off your liability and collision for three (3) years.  That’s right, three years. Your savings could be in the hundreds and it will more than offset the cost of a class.  But be careful, only the primary driver of the car is entitled to the savings . Everyone that is a primary driver should take the course because you only save on the car of the person that takes the course.  Confusing? Lets put it this way, If you have 2 cars and 3 people who can drive in the house, only 2 people will be able to get the discount so only 2 should take the class to save on your insurance.

 The third reason is if you’ve been a bad boy or girl.  Did you speed? Did you run a light? Did you get a ticket that will post points on your license?   Did you know that if you receive too many points on your record you may lose your license? Did you know your insurance will most likely go up in accordance to how many points you received on your record?  What to do?  Take a defensive driving class!  You will get 4  points off your driving record.  Why take the chance of getting another ticket that could put you over the top to have your license suspended?  Sometimes a court will mandate that you take one of these courses just to avoid having your license suspended.

Think about it, there are many classes out there, but I recommend ours that is through the New York Safety Program. What are you waiting for, start saving and learning today. Call the original defensive driving program, Call the Defensive Driving School at 631-234-5032 or visit our web site at  It’s the smart thing to do!