Congratulations (Tip#3)

Congratulations teen drivers.  I didn’t think it was possible. You have actually proved that you can change the status quo (change what has always been).  From the beginning, more accidents, injuries and death for teenage drivers have been inexperience and alcohol. It has been that way for over 70 years.  Even with all the education and warnings and new laws out there you have been able to achieve the impossible.  Change a 70+ year tradition.  It has now been proven the more accidents, injuries and death for teenage drivers is (drum roll please) TEXTING and DRIVING.  (as per 1010 WINS new radio in NY).  I am sorry if I appear flippant at this new statistic, but you would think common sense and all of the reports and ads against texting and driving would do some type of good. Make some type of dent in society.  But I guess not. I am at a loss for words on how to combat these issues. Should parents take away their kids cell phones?  Then the parents go frantic if you can’t get in touch with your kids right away and your kids freak out that they can’t get in touch with their friends.  There is new technology coming our way that would prevent cell phones from working in the car. Maybe that’s the answer, maybe a video camera in the car to spy on our kids?  I would say, maybe a good heart to heart with them.  Explain to them what they have to lose and what you would lose.


We have got to find a way to congratulate our kids for surviving and not killing themselves and others.  We have got to find a way that they can understand and make it cool not to text and drive. Show restraint, and wait till you get to your destination to text.  Would you use a power saw in one hand and text in the other. NO! A car is much larger and more dangerous.


Parents, congratulate your kids on what they have achieved. Hold them close and tell them not to strive to continue to make this a way of life.  Tell them to choose life instead. Theirs life, their friends life, their family’s life and the family in the car they may hit.