So I am reading Newsday the other day and I came across an article called “Traffic Fees Targeted”. This will make you so disillusioned with our system it will make you cry.  It appears that Suffolk Traffic and Parking Violations Agency is charging a processing fee of either $30 or $50 for every ticket. Ok, nothing new you say.  What if I told you that even if you are found not guilty or if you got a ticket for a headlight being out and you get it fixed you would still be liable for the processing fee?  Yep, you got it, the ticket you just got that you should not have gotten just cost you up to $50.

The response to this is on another Newsday article “Official Defends Ticket Fee Policy” was, and you have to love it, “Somebody has to pay”. Bazinga!! Really, that’s a joke, right????  I am afraid not.  I got an idea, why not the clowns that came up with that policy pay it.  If you go by this idea, then when you buy something and then return it because it didn’t work you should have to pay the store to get you a new one because someone has to pay.

I understand the state is always looking for money, but this is worse than having to prove you’re innocent instead of our system of them having to prove you’re guilty. Think about it, the state is saying “I don’t care if you innocent or guilty just pay me anyway.

I love the comment by Legis. DuWyane Gregory (D-Amityville) who agrees with the policy. He said, and I quote “There is significant police time spent on each ticket and the law allows someone to rectify the situation in certain instances, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a cost to us”.  Oh boo hoo: a cost to you, you mean all the taxpayers.  If you go by that why not just split the costs with everyone. Wait, you already do that with our taxes.  Doesn’t that mean I get to pay it twice? Once with my tax and then a processing fee weather I am guilty or not.


I can go on and on but I can only say one word, “REALLY”. Come on NY don’t make me pay if I’m innocent. This is really sad.  Just food for thought people, just food for thought. By the way Amityville, you elected him.