Can you believe that with all the info that’s out there about how using cell phones while driving is soooo dangerous and sooo many people still use it ( OK, I do to sometimes but never texting). Did you know that only 3% to drivers out there actually have the skill set to be able to drive and talk on the phone and still be conscience of their surroundings? Think about that, if you are in a room of 100 people you should only feel safe driving in the car with 3 of them, and that’s just for a call.

How many times have you seen someone attempting to make a turn and they either turn really wide or really short and really, really slow.  And then you look at them and you and they have a phone glued to their ear.  I always give them the universal phone symbol. You know, pinky by the month and pointer by the ear. Just to give them my feeling of “HEY STOP IT”. But they don’t see me; they are only interested in their phone conversations.  What did we do before there where cell phones. We had to wait till we got to where we were going. Really, do you have to hold the phone and talk? Use the hands free!!!. The worse is the texter.  You know the one who is all over the road and will get really mad if you try to tell them to stop.

I wish there was an answer but that is a big Pet Peeve for me. And it should be for everyone.  We should have a cell free day. No texting, no cell phones in the cars. I bet if we all agree and see how many less accidents take place then maybe people will put their phones down when they drive.  This is not just an issue with teens or young adults.  I see more 35 year olds and up using their phones.  Mobile office, that’s what the car has become. Another room in the house or an entertainment center.  We have got to start using the cars for what they are.  Transportation! Would you want your pilot on a plane texting and talking while taking off or landing?  I think not. Well that’s what you’re doing every day you drive. Remember, a call or text will wait, your life will not.

The above is my opinion and is only intended to make you think.