What are we headed to, Will driving become a thing of the past. How long before we don’t need a license any more. Will we be safer in a automated car? These and many other questions are some of the things that need to be answered to see where and how society will change in the coming years. First, it take about 10 years once a new technology is introduced into the world to become the norm. Even though self driving cars have been in the news for the last 3 or 4 years, they have not officially been for sale so they are not part of our culture yet. Once they start to sell them to the public the clock will start. At first they will be very expensive but the price will surly come down as they start to sell. As I stated, it will take 10 years till we fully accept them in the our daily lives. Will they be safer? Eventually, once all cars and truck are full automated and talk to each other it will basically prevent accidents caused by human error, and that is a majority of all accidents. There will still be mechanical and computer failure but it will still be an improvement on what we have now. After 10 years the government will start to mandate that all new cars and trucks have the ability to be automated. That will take another 10 years until the government then mandates that all cars on the road have about 10 years to be replaced. So the timeline for a full automated country of transportation should take about 30 years. Till then, safe driving and don’t forget to take our Defensive Driving classes to keep up with what’s happening.