Future of driving: Jackie’s says

The future of driving is here! Computer driven cars are rapidly making their presence known with a fleet of test cars on the roads. California DMV recently put into effect new rules to regulate the new and upcoming technology.  First, test drivers must have an immaculate driving record and they must complete a training program. During these test drives, the companies (Google, Mercedes and Volkswagen) must report to the state how many times the test driver had to take over the wheel due to computer malfunctions. (Pritchard, 2014)

So what does this mean for you? Even if cars are able to drive themselves, how reliable are the computers?  We have all experienced malfunctions with our phones, laptops, tablets, etc. Can we really put our lives in the hands of technology?  Prospective drivers should still need to take road tests and courses to learn how to handle emergencies should anything happen. On top of regular required driver education to get a license today, new information will now be incorporated into these programs and gear towards self-driving cars.Robotic car

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