They charge for what update? Really #2

We won!!  Can you believe it, but they actually are reconsidering the $30-$50 processing fee on tickets when they have been dismissed.  Although I understand why it was put in place (if you got the ticket you either had an issue with the car or you were doing something wrong) but it was not a fair levy.

How many times have you had a break light or head light fail without your knowledge?  Maybe it just happened and the police pull your over. This is a good thing. You get a ticket so you are forced to fix the problem which will make your car safer to dive and you send the receipt in with the ticket and the fine is dismissed. Issue resolved, right? The problem with the system that was put in place as of last April is that you would then still have to pay the processing fee of $30 to $50.

So unfair, but someone was listening. As appeared Newsday (Dec 11, 2013): “The administration of County Executive Steve Belone said that Suffolk county plans to refund the fees on all dismissed tickets.”   Wonderful!!!!  It may take several months till the audit is complete but hopefully those that had to pay this unjust fee will receive it back.  You see, you can fight city hall. OK, maybe just yell at it enough and they might hear you but it’s almost the same thing.  Viva la internet

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