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Choosing a Driving School

There are many factors that you should look for when choosing a driving school to learn to drive. Let me start by listing the most obvious, not necessarily in any order. DMV certified instructors Clean, up to date and insured vehicles Affordable driving packages Knowledgeable staff   There are other factors that should concern you […]

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Motorcycles vs. Cars- Pet Peeve #6

Driving along the crowed highway with the radio on waiting for traffic to move I sometimes start to day- dream about ways to get around the slow moving cars.  How nice it would be to fly above them but we all know that’s not happening soon. Maybe I can get off at the next exit […]

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Pet Peeve # 3-The Superman Syndrome

Please understand that I will be writing this blog without any substantial proof to back up any of my claims except for my own experience and what all parents (and I mean all) tell me how their kids act once they get their license. The superman syndrome is, in my opinion what teenagers believe. They […]

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Distracted Driving

Distracted Driving Kudos to the State of NY for attempting to stop drivers from texting.  Well at least young drivers.   In theory it sounds good, so let me quote (Newsday 6/7/13 Bill targets young drivers who text) “young and inexperienced drivers would have their licenses suspended for at least 60 days if caught texting and […]

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Pet Peeve # 3 the turn signal Well it’s time for me to rant again.  This time it’s about the simplest job we all have in the car. (No it’s not turning on the radio, that’s number 3, right after putting a cup in the cup holder)  How is it possible that more and more […]

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