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Texting stupid

I was driving along the Grand Central Parkway the other day when I noticed a min van driving in the middle lane a little slower than the rest of the traffic. It was around 3 in the afternoon and I was heading east so traffic wasn’t going too fast at that time anyway. As I […]

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Seatbelts- Why would you not wear them!!

First let’s start with the catchy campaign slogan, “Click it or Ticket”. I recently drove down to Florida and that phrase is posted from NY all the way south. I like it! It pretty much sums up the financial ramifications.  Just how much can the ramifications can be depends on the county that you get […]

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They charge for what update? Really #2

We won!!  Can you believe it, but they actually are reconsidering the $30-$50 processing fee on tickets when they have been dismissed.  Although I understand why it was put in place (if you got the ticket you either had an issue with the car or you were doing something wrong) but it was not a […]

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They charge for what? Really #1

So I am reading Newsday the other day and I came across an article called “Traffic Fees Targeted”. This will make you so disillusioned with our system it will make you cry.  It appears that Suffolk Traffic and Parking Violations Agency is charging a processing fee of either $30 or $50 for every ticket. Ok, […]

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