Cell phones in Car

Can you believe that with all the info that’s out there about how using cell phones while driving is soooo dangerous and sooo many people still use it ( OK, I do to sometimes but never texting). Did you know that only 3% to drivers out there actually have the skill set to be able […]

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Teen Skills- Tip #2

Did you know that teen drivers are most likely to have a crash within the first year of getting their license? Did you know that the main reason for this is due to driver error? There are three critical errors that cause nearly half of all serious accidents involving teen drivers. An inability to recognize […]

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Tip #1- Intersections

Driving Tips (#1) Did you know that Long Island has one of the highest fatality rates for drivers in all of NY State for single vehicle crashes and accidents that take place in an intersection? Did you know that fatalities have dropped in the USA every year for the last 5 years and they are […]

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Pet Peeves (number #1) When your driving today, there is so much more distraction for the driver than ever before.  Today we have Cell phones (the biggest culprit), the radio, MP3 players, drinks and food, friends and family talking and fighting, but we also have my favorite, the GPS.  You have got to love the […]

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Drivers Education Program

Students that take a Drivers Education course can receive many benefits from completing the course. They learn the rules of the road and how to drive safely. They are taught accident avoidance and how to maintain their vehicle so it is safe to drive. They can also obtain a senior license at age 17 and […]

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