Cold weather and your car- Driving Tip #13

As we are now deep in the freeze of things there are a few tips that you should know to help your car start and run safely when the temperature dips below freezing. Did you know that a car battery can lose up to 30% of its charge when the temperature drops below 32 degrees […]

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They charge for what update? Really #2

We won!!  Can you believe it, but they actually are reconsidering the $30-$50 processing fee on tickets when they have been dismissed.  Although I understand why it was put in place (if you got the ticket you either had an issue with the car or you were doing something wrong) but it was not a […]

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Let it Snow-Driving Tip #10

Did you know that when it snows there are a few laws in NY that you may not know about. First are your headlights: just as you are supposed to do when it rains you must turn on your headlights if you are using your wipers when it snows.  This is so on coming vehicles […]

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They charge for what? Really #1

So I am reading Newsday the other day and I came across an article called “Traffic Fees Targeted”. This will make you so disillusioned with our system it will make you cry.  It appears that Suffolk Traffic and Parking Violations Agency is charging a processing fee of either $30 or $50 for every ticket. Ok, […]

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Bad Weather Driving- Driving Tip #9

  The first snow of the season just past and we have had sub-freezing nights already.  So what does that mean to you and I. Well the obvious is we’re all cold.  Brrrrrrr!!!! What else does it mean? It means ominous things like black ice and slush, snow, freezing rain, falling leaves and so many […]

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